Monday, May 19, 2008

Samsung F700

The Samsung F700 is an ultra modern 3G smartphone that can satiate consumer at the first go in terms of multimedia functionalities and technology prowess. The smooth finish black coloured casing complements the phone’s design. To add more fuel to fire in terms of designing; the Samsung F700 resembles a laptop by presenting a QWERTY keypad which is easy to use whilst viewing the large touch screen placed at the outer surface. The Samsung F700 Ultra Smart comes with VibeTonz technology which allows the users to actually feel the buttons with a responsive vibration. Moreover, the availability of 3G technology enables the Samsung F700 performing its functions at high speed, making mobile communication spontaneous and instantaneous. The following features provide manifold capabilities of the Samsung F700 which can generate impeccable and high quality communication:

Giant screen: As the Samsung F700 reveals QWERTY keyboard; naturally the outer surface of the phone is coverd with a large screen with a magnitude of 2.78 inches. The giant screen adopts TFT resolution and runs through touch screen sensitivity. The users can view the mobile contents in clear and lucid manner and feel the impression that they would have viewed the contents on a PC or TV.

Hi-fi camera:
Considering the fact of satiating the users’ needs and expectations related to imaging; the manufacturer has inserted 5 mega pixel camera in the Samsung F700 mobile phone that features a auto flash, photo effects and photo settings to give perfection to images taken and recorded videos. The preloaded contents can be easily displayed on the screen in popular video and Real media formats. Simultaneously, the mega pixel camera is further followed by a second camera, which was introduced to take part in video calling.

House of entertainment: The Samsung F700 can play the role of a music player that can create music multiple tones like MP3, AAC+ and EAAC+. Even the users can access to polyphonic and MP3 ring tones. Secondly, the phone is eligible for getting the best sportsmanship award as it introduces Java Technology that can download games from the internet.

Multimedia gadgets:
The users can keep on phoning to foreign land at ease with the support of Tri Band technology. Moreover, connecting the Samsung F700 wirefree with other compatible devices; transferring to data and files; downloading games and applications; and accessing to internet are not the hard nuts to crack. Because the phone supports 3G technology, Bluetooth, USB, EDGE, HTML browser and WAP.